Ohio Teachers, Faculty Can Now Conceal Carry on Campus

Last week, the Georgetown Village School District in Georgetown, Ohio voted unanimously to allow teachers and staff to carry concealed handguns beginning in the fall. According to the board’s superintendent, parents asked the board to take up the issue.


“When does help come? Every 30 seconds 2 people die. That’s not acceptable. I don’t know when the 911 call gets made. I don’t know when law enforcement arrives,” he asked. “It’s not that they don’t want to help but when do they help and I want to keep my kids safe.”

In order to carry on district campuses, teachers and faculty must be trained and certified. They must also be concealed carry permit holders.

During the training, staff will learn how to de-escalate situations before having to utilize their firearm. They will also receive first responder and first aid training.

From WKRC Cincinnati:

The Superintendent says the training that staff will have to go through goes far beyond staff and teachers carrying guns in school and he says the school district is partnering with Georgetown’s police department for the training.


The training will be conducted by Tactical Defense Institute over a three day period and cost $1,500 per person. In order to carry on campuses, faculty must receive a certification of completion from Tactical Defense Institute.

The school board’s decision is part of a yearly upgrade and update to the school’s safety plan.

Ohio now has around 40 school districts that allow faculty and staff to carry firearms on school campuses.

Watch Local 12‘s coverage of the story:


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