Ex-Cop in Boston Accused Of Being a Straw-Purchaser For Gang Members

Former Boston police officer Adarbaad Karani was charged with the straw purchasing of guns that were meant for law enforcement only. The 37-year-old purchased a .40-caliber GLOCK 27 and .45-caliber GLOCK 30S on behalf of acquaintances. He had claimed the firearms would be used for law enforcement purposes and not resold. The firearms were later found in the possession of a Columbia Point Dawgs gang member.


Karani was indicted on two counts of making false statement during a firearm purchase and two counts of making a false statement on record.

“Karani allegedly bought the guns in 2014 and September 2015. One of them was discovered in the possession of a Columbia Point Dawgs gang member in November 2015,” the Boston Herald reports.

According to the suspect’s lawyer, J.W. Carney, Karani did something that’s common practice: purchasing a firearm with a law enforcement discount and then transferring the gun over to his friends. Once the guns were transferred to his friends, one of the firearms were stolen.

Karani claims his friend reported the gun was stolen from his car.

“This is the latest example of federal prosecutors bringing serious criminal charges that were not warranted by the facts,” Carney said. “This abuse of power was compounded by a misleading press release that connected Adarbaad Karani to a notorious gang with which he had no affiliation whatsoever.”

“Karani allegedly used his police identification to acquire the weapons, which may not be purchased by civilians, and certified on federal forms that the guns were for official police use,” prosecutors said. “Straw purchases interfere with firearm regulation and record keeping, and federal law makes it a crime to knowingly make false statements to a firearms dealer in connection with the sale of a firearm.”


The suspect was a 10-year veteran of the Boston Police Department with letters of commendation from police commissioners Edward Davis and William Evans.

He is facing 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each of the charges.

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