The 2016 election came down to two candidates with two very clear agendas. Hillary Clinton was deemed the “sure win” candidate for Democrats, despite her email scandal and being the head of the State Department during Benghazi. Donald Trump, on the other hand, was the Washington outside who gave America’s Constitution a bit of hope.

Gun owners across the nation made their voice heard in November. They completed refuted Clinton’s anti-gun agenda. Second Amendment lovers came out victorious yet gun control groups seem to think they have a winning issue.

They parade around the notion that “gun violence” plagues our nations, that average, law-abiding citizens are the reason for these one-off scenarios.

“We’ve clearly got Congress thinking twice — even starting to get a little scared of us,” said Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

What anti-gunners fail to realize is gun owners will always go to bat for their rights. We’re not afraid of fighting for our Constitutional rights.

Even though gun control activists are pushing hard against constitutional carry and campus carry, Second Amendment groups, like the NRA, are dedicated to fighting these horrible pieces of legislation.

Gun owners across the nation need to keep fighting, not getting complacent because President Trump is in the White House. We need to focus on state legislation, which has just as much of an impact on individuals as federal legislation.

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