Here's An Update On The Gander Mountain Transition

After filing for bankruptcy in March, it was unclear what would happen to Gander Mountain.

On May 1, however, Camping World Holdings, Inc. purchased the company’s name, leases, and employees. A liquidation company purchased current Gander Mountain inventory.


Here are some of the new updates taking place with the sporting goods store:


Gun owners across the nation have wondered how the company’s change would impact them. One Twitter follower tweeted Lemonis and asked him if firearms would be sold at the new Gander Mountain company.

Guns will still be sold at Gander Mountain but there will be an even better selection with better pricing. Win-win, right?

Now the question becomes whether or not the indoor range will still exist, and if so, what the pricing will be.

Name Change

Lemonis and his team decided to change Gander Mountain’s name to Gander Outdoors. It’s a smart business move, from a marketing and public relations standpoint. Hardcore Gander Mountain fans will know the Gander name and still shop there but changing the second part of the name lets others know it’s a new company with new leadership.

Logo Contest

In order to entice Gander Mountain fans, Lemonis has decided to hold a logo contest for the new company name, Gander Outdoors. The winner will receive $25,000 for designing the winning logo.


Here are some of the recent contest entries:

So far, it seems as though Lemonis has a couple of favorites:

Think you have an idea for a great Gander Outdoors logo?  Submit your idea to Lemonis!

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