New Gander Mountain Leadership Offers Fans $75,000 For New Logo

Gander Mountain’s new CEO, Marcus Lemonis, is a smart business man. After all, he does host “The Profit,” and makes businesses profitable again. Now that his company, Camping World Holding, Inc. has purchased Gander Mountain, the sporting goods store is going through a complete rebranding process. From a marketing and public relations standpoint, it’s genius! Not only do loyal Gander Mountain fans known the company they love is still around but the media buzz behind the transition is sure to attract new customers.

Last week, Lemonis announced he was holding a contest for a logo for the company’s new name, Gander Outdoors.

Fans flocked to the idea of creating a brand’s logo and winning $25,000. It’s definitely not chump change by any means.

Lemonis upped the stakes. The ultimate winner would receive $50,000 and those in the top 50 would receive a $1,000 gift card. At least if you don’t win $50,000 and you make it into the top 50 you could at least purchase a new firearm. Not a bad deal.

A little over 12 hours later, Lemonis upped the stakes…again. This time, $75,000 for the chosen logo and $1,000 for the top 74.

BRB. Jenn and I are going to create Gander Outdoors’ new logo. We’ll let you know how it works out for us….