Sig Sauer Responds to Lawsuit Brought About By NJ State Police

In April, the New Jersey State Police filed a $2.5 million lawsuit against Sig Sauer for supplying the law enforcement agency with defective guns. The lawsuit alleges the gun manufacturer failed to fix the troopers’ issues, despite multiple attempts and opportunities to do so.


The law enforcement agency is seeking $2.5 million, $1.7 million for 3,000 Sig Sauer P229s and another $865,000 on holsters from another company.

The gun manufacturer finally responded to the lawsuit, saying they were caught off guard by the suit:

“Sig Sauer’s investigation of the failure mode indicates a contributing factor may be a compatibility issue between this unique NJSP P229 and the specific training ammunition used by the NJSP. Importantly, these failures were limited to the training ammunition used by the NJSP, and the P229s functioned when using their duty ammunition,” the gun manufacturer said in a statement. “Sig Sauer had been diligently working with New Jersey officials to resolve the issues associated with the P229 handguns it purchased. In light of these discussions, Sig Sauer was surprised that New Jersey filed a lawsuit. Sig Sauer is committed to customer satisfaction, and stands ready to continue these discussions and work with NJSP to reach an equitable solution.”

Will the two parties come to a compromise outside of court?

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