TN Bill Would Provide Abuse Victims With Permitless Carry

A controversial bill has made its way to Tennesee Governor Bill Haslam’s desk. The state legislature passed a bill that would allow someone with an order of protection to carry a handgun for 21 days as soon as the order is issued. During those three weeks, they are required to obtain a temporary 60-day permit. The temporary permit would be recognized throughout Tennessee but not across state lines.


A number of people are applauding the bill.

“Of course the order of protection is a piece of paper, and it’s not worth the paper that it’s written on as far as protecting the victim from further violence,” Former Shelby County Captain Bennie Cobb told FOX 13.

Victim abuse advocate Amy Dilworth, Executive Director of Knoxville Family Justice Center, believes this is a good move.

“This bill is a wonderful step the legislature has taken to give another option,” Dilworth told WJHL.

Advocates for the bill have agreed: education is key.

Steven Bowman, the owner of Cross Roads Firearms, urges victims to go through a concealed carry training course during the initial 21 days, if at all possible.

“It just goes over basic laws. You can’t shoot somebody in the back. You can’t shoot them when they are running away from you. You have to be in fear for your life or in fear of a loved one’s life before you can pull the trigger toward them,” Bowman explained.

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