NSSF Alert: The Brady Campaign is Targeting FFLs

As gun ownership across the nation continues to rise, gun control advocates are finding themselves in trouble. They are drastically losing ground on the fight for the Second Amendment and now they are having to get creative to try to win back their support, or at least the support they thought they had.


The Brady Campaign has stooped to a new low: they are now trying to pigeonhole gun stores into falling for a sticky trap.

H&H Shooting Sports, located in Oklahoma City, had a run in with one of the gun control group’s lackeys and the situation wasn’t all that pretty.

An Oklahoma Highway Patrolman came into the store and asked Mike Rust, H&H’s General Manager, if he would be willing to speak to the officer’s relative who is working on a project pertaining to guns. Rust agreed.

When the relative called the gun store, the guy called and identified himself as a market researcher.

“He claimed to be doing market research and his client had something to do with firearms,” Rust tells Bearing Arms. “He was trying to get a better grasp of their target audience.”

The man was hoping to stop by H&H so he could talk with employees about the “state of the industry.”

According to Rust, the man claimed to have never shot a firearm. He was interested in meeting Rust and his team and practicing on H&H’s indoor gun range.

Rust was eventually able to get the man to divulge who his client was: the Brady Campaign. The man asked Rust what he thought about the Brady Campaign.


“‘My first thought is to hang up on you,'” Rust recalls telling the man.

“I thought, ‘Maybe I can talk to them and get them to shoot and change their mind,'” Rust recalls. “I immediately thought, ‘No, I’ll never change their minds.'”

After talking with the man for approximately 20 minutes, Rust decided it was best to have a conversation with H&H’s owner, to see how he felt about the situation. Ultimately, the pair decided it was best to not have any further contact with the supposed “researcher.”

Rust put in a call to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), who issued a warning to their members:


If you or someone you know has been the target of the Brady Campaign, please call the National Shooting Sports Foundation at (203) 426-1320.

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