Friday Feels: Former DARE Student Donates Kidney to Officer

Warner Robins, Georgia police officer Porter Wood is a 26-year veteran of the force. Wood has a rare disease that deteriorates his kidneys. After years of maintaining a positive attitude and smiling through the pain, the time came for Officer Wood to obtain a kidney transplant. And the best part? He didn’t have to look too far.


One of Officer Wood’s former DARE students and current city employee, Trey Ammons, is a match. Ammons decided to donate one of his kidney’s to the officer. The operation is scheduled to take place on June 23rd at Piedmont Hosptal in Atlanta.

“I am extremely proud of our employees and ask that each of you pray for both of these awesome men as they will be having major surgery next month,” Warner Robins Mayor Randy Toms posted on Facebook.

Wood’s wife, Teresa Fountain Wood, started an internet campaign to raise $10,000 for both men’s treatment and additional expenses.

This fundraising site has been set-up to help us raise funds to go towards the many expenses associated with the transplant process such as gas to go to frequent doctor visits in Atlanta, a hotel room for the 2+ weeks we will stay in Atlanta for the surgery, meals for these trips, and the very expensive medications that will help prevent Porter’s body from rejecting his new kidney.  We want to help Porter’s donor as well.  While our health insurance will cover the donor’s preop testing, surgery, and postop care, it won’t cover their expenses like gas, meals, hotels, etc.  We want to help with those expenses.  They are giving part of their life to save Porter’s; it’s the very least we can do.


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