Gun Review: H&K VP9SK

Last month, Heckler & Koch released their latest innovation: the VP9SK, the subcompact version of their popular VP9.

Here’s a bit about the gun:

Caliber: 9mm
Length: 6.61 in.
Height: 4.57 in.
Width: 1.31 in.
Barrel Length: 3.39 in.
Sight Radius: 5.73 in.
Weight (with empty magazine): 23.07 oz
Magazine Size: 10 rounds


The VP9SK retails for $719 and is made in Germany. Currently, the firearm comes with a 10-round magazine but H&K will release 13-round and 15-round magazines later this year.


The Test

For this test, I shot 400 rounds: 200 rounds of Winchester 115 grain full metal jackets and 200 rounds of Remington 147 GR (HTP) Jacketed Hollow Points.



The VP9SK comes with low profile 3-dot photoluminescent sights, allowing for quick acquisition in both daylight and low light situations. The height of the sights is a good balance between snag-free drawing and one handed manipulation situation should the situation arise.



The VP9SK, like it’s full-size brother, comes with interchangeable grip panels that allow the user to customize the feel to their liking. That, combined with the texture depth and pattern, assure positive control and minimizes palm fatigue, even after several hundred rounds in a single shooting session.



The original VP9 has one of the best triggers in a striker fired pistol and that carries over to the SK model. The initial trigger pull is smooth and clean, leading to a crisp break and minimal over travel. Exactly what one would expect from H&K.



The SK came with two styles of magazines: one that fit flush with the bottom of the grip, the second with a small finger extension. It should be noted that the 15-round magazine from the full sized VP9 is compatible with the SK, although it does extend below the bottom of the grip. I’d anticipate an aftermarket solution to allow the use of 15 round magazines and yet maintain the shape and texture of the grip.



The Range

Because of the VP9SK’s relatively short barrel (3.39 inches) and sight radius (5.73 inches), I kept the range distance to 10 yards.

Starting with the Winchester 115 GR FMJ and finishing with the Remington 147 GR JHP, the SK ate each and every round without hiccup, and with minimal muzzle flip, flash and recoil.

After a few rounds to familiarize myself with the SK, it was easy to shoot 10 rounds, rapid fire, into a 4” group.



After taking the time to become familiar with the VP9SK, it is clear that, just like all of H&K’s firearms that I’ve owned and/or shot, the VP9SK is a high-quality gun. If you’re looking for a subcompact firearm for self-defense or CCW purposes, you can’t go wrong with the VP9SK. It’s easy to handle, compact enough to conceal but reliable enough to get the job done.

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