Holster Company Offers Free Holsters, Training to Legislators

Last week’s attempted assassination of Congressional leaders left a number of Americans shook up. People across both sides of the political aisle offered their condolences and prayers to Majority Whip Steve Scalise and the other victims of the tragedy.


One company however, decided to offer more than just thoughts and prayers. T.Rex Arms, a kydex holster company out of Tennessee, offered to provide Congressional leaders with holsters and firearms training.

“But as a company, and as your countrymen, we want to do more than offer condolences, thoughts, or even prayers. We would like to offer free holsters and firearms training to any of you who desire to start carrying more effectively,” the company’s CEO, Lucas Botkin, said in a Facebook post. “Most elected representatives do not have the advantage of a personal security detail; in this regard you are like the majority of Americans. Your safety is your own responsibility. And as we saw Wednesday, the only way to slow and stop a determined attacker is through the immediate application of accurate rounds on target.”

Botkin also encouraged Congressional leaders to pass concealed carry reciprocity, which would greatly benefit every law-abiding gun owner in America.

Now the question becomes…will they take Botkin up on his offer?

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