Tacoma Repeals Stun Gun Ban

On Tuesday, Tacoma, Washington reversed their ban on stun guns. The council voted to repeal an ordinance which banned the manufacturing, carrying or purchasing of a stun gun within city limits illegal. The only exemption to the ordinance were law enforcement officers, correctional officers, military personnel and animal control officers.

“Ultimately, the legal department made a recommendation to the council to remove the ban on stun guns,” Assistant City Attorney Keith Echterling told FOX 13.

The recommendation to remove the ban comes after last year’s Supreme Court decision that overturned Massachusetts’ ban on stun guns.

The Supreme Court’s decision protected stun guns and tasers as a means of self-defense under the Second Amendment.

Earlier this year, the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) threatened to sue the city if they did not reverse the ordinance, citing the Massachusetts case.

“The taxpayers and residents of the City of Tacoma would be well-served by an expeditious repeal of the outdated and ill-advised subject ban,” FPC’s initial letter said.

Now that the ordinance has been repealed, men and women in Tacoma can protect themselves without using lethal force.

“I think it’s obvious the city knew they would lose any court challenge and they wisely chose to repeal this law,” said Philip Watson, FPC’s Northwest region lobbyist and spokesperson. “We’re not done taking on bans on arms protected by the Second Amendment.”