WATCH: Dana Loesch Responds to Liberals Triggered By Her NRA Ad

Over the last few days, liberals have been extremely triggered by Dana Loesch’s NRA ad, “The Violence of Lies.” In the ad, which was shot months ago, Loesch condemns the left’s tactics of utilizing violence for political gain.

Gun control advocates have said Loesch’s message is a call for white supremacy, something that is clearly absent from the video.

Loesch joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss the hypocrisy.

“Is there a racial subtext to this, somehow?” Carlson asks.

“No, there’s not, Tucker,” Loesch responds. “No, there’s no racial component in this. This – the reaction to this – is insane, Tucker. I’m talking over video clips that show actual leftist violence: rioting, property damage, arson, physical assault. And apparently, me condemning violence is what’s inciting and dividing America.”

Watch the full clip: