5 of This Weekend's Dumbest Gun Sense Tweets

I love trolling Twitter, especially under some of the Second Amendment hashtags. In particular, my favorite hashtag to search is #GunSense. Pro-2A people have pretty much hijacked the hashtag and use it to prove how dumb gun control logic really is.


Every now and then, however, there are actual gun control tweets. Some of them are too stupid not to share.

Let’s back this train up for a second, Mr. Nolan. Our Founding Fathers saw a need for the Second Amendment. They saw a government that could become tyrannical. Gee. Look at how our country was founded! They established the Second Amendment to protect the citizens of their newly-formed nation. Our Founding Fathers probably couldn’t fathom the idea of electricity and air conditioning, let alone insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. At least think about these things before you make such a stupid claim

Yeah. The NRA is soooo horrible. That’s why they trained and armed African Americans against the KKK. That’s why they’re considered one of the oldest – if not the oldest – civil rights organizations in the country.

I have never heard the NRA defend police violence. In fact, NRATV’s Colion Noir talked about what went wrong with the Philando Castile shooting. He condemned what the officer did.

The NRA encourages people to defend themselves and not rely on others to ensure their safety. That’s not militarization. That’s called being pro-active. You should try it sometime.


Classifying 5 MILLION Americans who want their Constitutional rights protected isn’t even on the same level as Islamic terrorists who behead journalists and act like savages in the name of religion.

Hey, Rob. Maybe you should read the dozens of articles about guns actually saving lives. Or maybe you should read up on some of the stories of domestic violence survivors who had a piece of paper to “protect” them…and it cost them their lives.

You may think carrying at the grocery store is asinine…until you want a concealed carrier to protect you from a would-be attacker.


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