Pastors Take On A New Roll In The Gun Control Agenda

Pastors in Beaumont, Texas are doing something not many would have the courage to do: they’re offering a $100 gift card to people who turn over their guns to the Beaumont Police Department. The program, known as “Not in My City,” was started by a group of churches and community leaders who are working to end gun violence.


“We are aware of the fact that it will not eradicate gun violence in our city or county,” Pastor John Adolph, one of the organizers, told KFDM. “That’s not the aim or ambition. The aim is to erase the mindset that’s pushing it. To stand against it in unity to say ‘Wait a minute this is killing us, and hurting us, it’s not helping us.'”

The program’s organizers will set up shop somewhere in town for people to anonymously hand over their gun. The thought process? Criminals won’t willingly walk into a police station and turn over firearms. They’re more likely to give them to a group like Adolph’s.

“The impact that the program has on reducing violent crime is marginal but for the one unrealized victim that is in the margin, it will mean everything for them,” said Pastor Randy Feldschau, the other co-organizer.

The first setup is taking place at 10 a.m. today at Cathedral in the Pines Church, located off Eastex Fwy.

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