The Women's March Targets The NRA, Dana Loesch

Women’s March organizers now have a new target: the National Rifle Association (NRA). Next week, the group plans on marching in front of NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia to the Department of Justice, a 17-mile hike.

From the group’s event page:

Recent actions of the NRA demonstrate not only a disregard for the lives of black and brown people in America, but appear to be a direct endorsement of violence against women, our families and our communities for exercising our constitutional right to protest. On July 14th, Women’s March and partners will mobilize a mass demonstration, again grounded in the principles of Kingian nonviolence, to denounce the false and intimidating rhetoric of hatred and send a clear message that our movement will proudly and bravely continue to strive for the respect of the civil and human rights of all people.

The group specifically mentions Dana Loesch’s NRA ad, which calls out the left for being violent. Real-life footage of riots and fights plays behind her. But according to the Women’s March organizers, Loesch is inciting violence.

…a vicious and incendiary NRA advertisement came to light, in which an alt-right propagandist appears to call for armed conflict against our communities, demonizing people of color, progressives and any of us who exercise our First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and exercise our free speech in protest.

Apparently, they failed to realize this was actual footage in the Loesch ad. In fact, Loesch encourages peaceful protest. Gee, what a concept. We don’t want to see people burn down their communities.

Here’s the list of demands they have (which we’ve already heard before):

Please join the Women’s March and our partners in exercising our First Amendment rights by holding a mass mobilization for our safety, calling on the NRA to take the following actions:

1. Take down the recent irresponsible and dangerous advertisement videos from all social platforms immediately.

2. Issue an apology to the American people for the video that suggests armed violence against communities of color, progressives and anyone who does not agree with this Administration’s policies.

3. Make a statement to defend Philando Castile’s Second Amendment right to own a firearm and demand the Department of Justice indict the police officer who killed him for exercising his Second Amendment right and his privilege as a licensed concealed carry permit holder. This call is clearly in line with the mission and purpose of the NRA as an organization that purports to be the lobby and defender of the right to bear arms.

The most ironic part? They say they’re not safe, yet they’re the ones causing the violence. Go figure.