5 Tweets That Sum Up The Idiocracy Behind the #NRA2DOJ March

Women’s March organizers have planned a 17-mile march from the National Rifle Association (NRA) headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia to the Department of Justice offices in Washington, D.C. The March is a response to Dana Loesch’s NRA ad which condemns violence.


March organizers are making the demanding the NRA takes the following actions:

1. Take down the recent irresponsible and dangerous advertisement videos from all social platforms immediately.

2. Issue an apology to the American people for the video that suggests armed violence against communities of color, progressives and anyone who does not agree with this Administration’s policies.

3. Make a statement to defend Philando Castile’s Second Amendment right to own a firearm and demand the Department of Justice indict the police officer who killed him for exercising his Second Amendment right and his privilege as a licensed concealed carry permit holder. This call is clearly in line with the mission and purpose of the NRA as an organization that purports to be the lobby and defender of the right to bear arms.

Of course, March participants and supporters took to Twitter to show their support for the effort. Some of the tweets are too stupid not to share.


There are no words to describe how weird of a comment this is.

Someone needs to brush up on their history. The NRA actually advocated for blacks to have access to firearms so they could protect themselves against the KKK.


Someone must not have taken a closer look at some of the pictures. I see women and African Americans. And currently, there are multiple women on the NRA’s Board of Directors, including Patricia Clark, Melanie Pepper, Linda Walker, Heidi Washington and Kim Rhode. African Americans on the Board of Directors includes J. Kenneth Blackwell and Carl Rowan, Jr.

Your point is invalid.

I have read this phrase over and over and I still don’t understand it.

Nothing screams solidarity like the raised fist the socialists use. I’m especially fond of the “Buck the NRA” button. Very clever.

If these are the type of people who are supporting this March, my guess is that they’re fairly uneducated on gun laws. They’re the type of people who say “we need background checks!” without knowing that the NICS system is already in place.

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