The heightened sensitivity over guns in schools has subsided somewhat over the past few weeks, ending a radical period in which schools suspended students for things such as:

–Eating a pop tart into the shape of a gun.
–Pointing a finger-gun at another student.
–Wearing a pro-gun shirt to school.

Earlier this past May, another story broke out of a kindergartner who was suspended after bringing a cowboy cap gun to school. The boy was interrogated for over two hours before his mother was called, and the ordeal left the boy scared and unaware of what he had done. The suspension went onto his permanent academic record and he would miss the rest of his classes for the year.

Thankfully, it would appear some common sense still exists in the school system. Washington Post reports that the decision has been overturned in an appeal. From the Post,

“In the Calvert case, the family’s attorney, Robin Ficker, filed a five-page appeal asking that the suspension be reversed, the record be wiped clean and a public hearing be held by the school board.

The appeal said that kindergartners are introduced to the student conduct code through a coloring book the first week of school. The 5-year-old was not yet reading at that point and did not grasp the gravity of the rules, according to the document.

“It is common for kindergartners to play Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers or to bring things to Show and Tell,” the appeal said. “In any case, telling a little 5 year old something once or twice, is often not enough.”

It’s great to see that schools are scaling back the crazy rulings now that the hysteria over guns has started to subside. The appeals decision is a victory not only for the parents but for gun control advocates who refuse to be intimidated by government anti-Second Amendment bullies.