Marlon Brown had a long criminal history (nearly two dozen prior arrests) and was out on probation for drug charges when he decided to flee from Deland, FL, police on foot after a traffic stop on May 8.

Rookie Deland Police Officer James Harris was chasing Brown when Brown fell in front of his police cruiser and was run over and killed.

Though a grand jury investigation found Harris not to be at fault, he was still dismissed from the Deland Police Department for “carelessness” before the grand jury investigation was complete, which rubbed veteran officers on the force the wrong way.

Recently retired DeLand sergeant James Jusick donated a $900 AR-15 for a raffle to raise money for Harris’s legal bills, and any left-over funds with be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The way the raffle characterized the pursuit doesn’t sit right with Brown’s family:

Relatives of Marlon Brown, a DeLand man killed in a police pursuit, are infuriated by an AR-15-rifle fundraiser this weekend for the officer who was behind the wheel before the fatal crash.

An advertisement for Sunday’s rifle raffle in DeLand for former Officer James Harris is upsetting the family because of the way it characterizes Brown’s death.

Harris, a rookie officer who was still a probationary employee, ran over Brown with his patrol car as Brown was running from police on May 8, prompting the police chief to fire Harris for carelessness.

Brown’s family seems quite willing to ignore the fact that Brown created the pursuit because he fled the police. Now they’re offended at the characterization of the event?

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