I suspect that most people would be shocked at the claim that they are three times more likely to be murdered by a cop than a concealed carry permit holder.

It doesn’t help that the claim is backed by shoddy data.

But did I mention that that data dramatically overstates how often concealed carry permit holders used their concealed handguns to commit acts of violence, and likely underestimates the amount of time that the “blue wall of silence” lets a bad cop get away with murder?

The author’s conclusion isn’t really all that surprising, once you think about they dynamics in play.

Concealed carriers are more law-abiding that the average citizen; they must be in order to pass the intensive background checks that are performed before permit holders get their permits.

Once a concealed carrier has his or her permit and begins to carry concealed, two things happen because of the added responsibility they’ve voluntarily taken on.

The first is that they become more situationally aware. They are more cognizant of what is going on around them, and less likely to put themselves in situations that may compromise their safety or the safety of those around them.

The second is that concealed carriers become much more tolerant of others, as they wish to avoid confrontation. Armed citizens are very well aware of the fact that they carry a lethal weapon, and that makes them very aware of the responsibility they carry. Concealed carriers tend to be much more courteous as a result of their decision to go armed.

Law enforcement officers, on the other hand, have a different dynamic in play. Once the initial background checks are complete and the they are awarded their badge and gun, they become part of a insular fraternity that protects their own, and yes, tends to give other members of that fraternity preferential treatment.

Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to the belief among some law enforcement officers that they are above the laws that they sworn to protect, which was apparently the situation when Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) founder Michael Bloomberg’s bodyguard though it was acceptable to shoot a love rival.


This should not be misconstrued to claim that you should be afraid of law enforcement officers; on the contrary, it should simply instill faith in your fellow citizens and their sincere desire to keep themselves and those around them safe.