Please tell me once again, gun grabbers, how well your laws work:

The arrest of three juveniles suspected of committing two weekend robberies led to the arrest of a fourth who was manufacturing and selling homemade firearms, police said.

The robberies happened over the weekend in the East Rock area, according to police. When the suspects were apprehended, one of them was in possession of a homemade “zip-gun,” police said.

Detectives obtained a search and seizure warrant for a residence on Mountain Ridge Road using the information provided by the three juveniles. Inside, officers found another assembled gun, a partially assembled gun and other gun components, police said.

A juvenile living in the residence was arrested and later told police that he had made and sold as many as 12 “zip-guns,” police said.

Guns can be incredibly low tech, and if you doubt me, read up on how simple it is to make a Sten submachine gun some time.

The media has been freaking out over 3D printing of weapons components, but that is nothing compared to what an average machinst can put together out of materials in his shop. Super Bowl Sunday this year found me prone, staring down the barrel of a precision .50 BMG rifle made in a friend’s shop, engaging a steel target 833 yards (building a rifle at home, unregistered, is perfectly legal under federal law, by the way).

Keep dreaming that imposing more laws will do anything other than create more criminals.

Americans will always have guns, and Americans will always be free.