How terrified are Colorado Democrats of losing another recall election? They’re so desperate that they’ve told deep-pocketed Michael Bloomberg and MAIG to stay far away from the state, and are now considering throwing out mediocre Democratic senator Evie Hudak on their own instead of facing a recall:

Democratic strategists grumble that if enough valid signatures are collected to force a . special election, Hudak would be lobbied to resign so that a vacancy committee could then appoint a different Democrat to hold the seat until 2014. The move would kill the recall and preserve the party’s single-seat majority in the chamber, but Hudak said she has “no intentions” of resigning, should recall proponents gather enough signatures.

Hudak is lazy and inartful, better known for checking Facebook and Twitter and insulting rape victims than any legislative accomplishments. CDP could find a better replacement in just about any loyal party stooge, and quite frankly, that is what they’ll hope to do if enough signatures are collected to force the recall. They’d much rather lose the woman than the seat, and if throwing Hudak out for a replacement means they keep their slim one-vote majority, they’re willing to do it.

Would terrifying Democrats enough that they force out Hudak on their own count as a victory?

Yes and no.

It would mean that the recall forces were successful in deposing her as an individual who voted for the state’s restrictive gun laws, but it wouldn’t put reformers in charge of the Colorado Senate, which is their goal.

Nothing matters, of course, unless the recall gets enough valid signatures of district residents to force a recall. They failed to do so once before, but hope to ride the momentum of  their victories over Angela Giron and Senate President John Morse to victory this time.