I was unaware that fake body armor was a problem.

Three Central Floridians were arrested on allegations of creating and selling fake body armor that provided no ballistic protection, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced Monday.

Investigators allege that the owner of Alpha Inc., Scott Anderson, 57, of Ocoee, sold counterfeit body armor at gun shows across Florida.  Agents believe Scott Williams, 51, of Ocoee, and Arami Rodriguez, 36, of Ocoee, worked for Anderson and assisted in the manufacturing and selling of the fake body armor.

“These suspects sold dangerous products to unsuspecting consumers raking in large profits for themselves,” said FDLE Orlando Regional Operations Center Special Agent in Charge Danny Banks.

All three were arrested on one count of organized scheme to defraud and one count of counterfeiting body armor.

If you’d told me even ten years ago that civilian body armor would be big business, I would have told you you needed your head examined. Now it is common to see people with both soft and hard plate armor designed to stop multiple rifle rounds, particularly if they are involved in tactical training classes.

Like anything else these days, make sure that what you’re buying is legitmate.