I mentioned the Ruger 10/22 design contest last week, and made the case for the rifle designed by Gary from Michigan.

As an Appleseed instructor who sees a lot of 10/22 usage, I view the design choices made here as those that address the most common shortfalls of the platform encountered in our course of fire, which are a substandard mag release, lack of adjustable stock comb height when using scopes, lack of factory sling swivel studs, and archaic factory iron sights. This rifle addresses all of those shortcomings, and throws in an integral picatinny rail mount for optics users.

Apparently enough people (particularly Appleseeders) agreed to have boosted the design into first place… for now.

A lot of folks want a wood-stocked 10/22 takedown, and variants of that basic concept now occupy second and third place.

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