Shannon Watts, head honcho of Bloomberg-derivitive gun prohibitionist group Moms Demand Action, managed yesterday to make the single dumbest comment made by a clueless gun control advocate, ever.

Obsessed with banning AR-15s, Watts has shown that she knows nothing about them, and has now redefined “assault weapon” to mean any firearm that can fire 10 shots in a minute, which essentially means any firearm design of the past 150+ years.

The Spencer rifle, created in 1860, has a practical rate of fire of 20 rounds per minute. Lever-action rifles can fire ten shots in a bit less than a minute.

Bolt-action rifles also easily fire 10 shots in less than half a minute, including even the most “benign” deer rifle.

Even single-shot shotguns can be fired at a rate of more than 10 rounds a minute, as long as the shooter has shells accessible.

Or perhaps we should look at this statement another way.

By defining every modern firearm as an assault weapon based upon a ten rounds per minute rate of fire, Watts is confirming that she wants to ban all firearms.

It may be the first time she’s ever been honest about her intentions.