Mac has the exclusive about the staff shakeup over at The Bang Switch, so go read the whole thing.

As far as apologies go it isn’t a bad one, just one delivered far too late.

One of these days, dead-tree media is going to grasp to the speed at which digital media works. Rather obviously, G&A isn’t close to being there yet, and they didn’t have a social media disaster plan (which isn’t rocket science).

We’ll never know if an immediate, early, and sincere mea culpa might have made a difference for Metcalf or stopped the damage to the brand. Unfortunately, they sat on the fence for too long saying absolutely nothing, and that communication failure was interpreted by many as indifference or aloofness, which only generated more bad press and only made the situation worse.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the Guns & Ammo brand to recover. Hopefully the new editor is willing to make a strong opening statement, and erase any lingering doubts.