I picked up a little bit of wisdom watching nature shows when I was a kid, and if you had a similar upbringing, I suspect you did, too.

One of the things we learned is that when an apex predator at the top of the food chain makes a kill, it tends to gorge itself on the carcass until it is full, and then, once sated, it leaves the carcass behind for scavengers. These scavengers—whether hyenas, vultures, or crows—then fight among themselves to lord over the rotting flesh, entrails, bones, and other detritus left behind.

When a elephant falls, it doesn’t take long for the scavengers to move in, and being what they are, you can guess their favorite point of entry.

Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS), indeed.

We’ve been watching similar behavior from the rest of the gun control movement in the past 48 hours. Reality is that they contributed money to Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign only after it was polling far ahead of Republican challenger Ken Cucinnelli in a race that had all but been decided by that point.

It was McAuliffe’s profound fundraising advantage that defeated Cuccinelli in the Virginia governor’s race, not late support from gun control groups, as even left-wing Politico is forced to admit:

McAuliffe outraised Cuccinelli by almost $15 million, and he used the cash advantage to pummel him on the airwaves. A lack of resources forced the Republican to go dark in the D.C. media market during the final two weeks.

The Republican National Committee spent about $3 million on Virginia this year, compared to $9 million in the 2009 governor’s race.

The Chamber of Commerce spent $1 million boosting McDonnell in 2009 and none this time.

“If the Republicans would have rallied around the nominee instead of refusing to support Cuccinelli, he would have won,” said a GOP source involved in the race.

Even with the GOP abandoning Cuccinelli (allegedly, for being too “Tea Party” for establishment Republicans),  and a massive cash advantage, McAuliffe barely won: he pulled in 48% of the vote (1,066,149) to Cuccinelli’s 45.5% (1,010,929). If Robert Sarvis hadn’t run as a faux libertarian 3rd-party spoiler siphoning away 6.6% of the vote (145,762), Cuccinelli might have won even with no national GOP support.