Fired Guns & Ammo editor Dick Metcalf has responded to the controversy leading up to his termination, and true to the editorial that got him fired, mixes valid questions with strawmen.

I still hold my original opinion about the column—that I don’t think he should have been burned at the stake for what appears to be a sloppy attempt to have a valid conversation about rights and responsibilities—but the response he’s penned is more logically incoherent than his original column, so having that conversation is, at least for a time, implausible.

I think it’s a good thing that G&A Jim Bequette stepped down as well, and an argument can be made that he is more at fault for this kerfluffle than Metcalf. While I appreciate that Bequette was attempting to create the conditions for a conversation in allowing Metcalf’s column to go to print, it was apparently his decision to then cut off that conversation, including silencing Metcalf. This was disastrous.

I don’t know much yet about Eric Poole who has been tapped to now lead Guns & Ammo, but I wish him the best in getting the magazine back on track.