Trayvon Martin was a multi-drug-abusing, street-fighting, gun-dealing thug (according to his own social media conversations revealed in a hearing during George Zimmerman’s trial). He earned his bullet when he attempted to beat pudgy, weak neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman to death after coming up on him from behind, and Martin’s death had nothing to do with Florida’s implementation of Stand Your Ground law.

It is sickening when people attempt to turn this common criminal, killed while apparently attempting to beat another man to death, into a martyr. It is an affront to any truly innocent to call them the “next Trayvon Martin.”

If anything, Renisha McBride, a young woman shot by a homeowner in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, is closest to being the next Jonathan Ferrell.

Ferrell was involved in a car wreck earlier this year in Charlotte, NC, and after kicking out the rear glass of his vehicle to escape, sought help in a nearby subdivision. A terrified homeowner misinterpreted the injured Ferrell knocking on her door as someone attempting to break in, and called police. A short time later responding officers converged, and one of them opened fire, killing Ferrell. The officer has since been charged with voluntary manslaughter.

It was a senseless death of someone merely trying to obtain help.

The McBride case seems similar to the Ferrell shooting. After wrecking her car, she walked to a nearby home for assistance. The homeowner apparently answered the door with a shotgun in hand and killed her “accidentally.”

The most ignorant gun control group in history, Moms Demand Action, has of course blamed Stand Your Ground laws, even though they have nothing at all to do with the McBride shooting (or the Martin or Ferrell killings, for that matter).

The only similarity between the Martin case and the McBride shooting is the speed at which ignorance about the facts of the case are flowing out from self-styled community activists and gun control cultists looking to exploit her death for their political gain.

Activists have already falsely claimed that she was shot in the back of the head (she wasn’t) and that her body had been “dumped” (officers found her where she fell), flinging rumors with wild abandon.

There is no indication that the police are attempting to cover-up or justify the shooting of Renisha McBride. Instead, they appear to be conducting a thorough investigation in an attempt to glean every fact surrounding the incident.

It’s too bad blood-dancers such as the gun control cultists in Moms Demand Action don’t have the decency to let the legal system work.