Open Carry Texas President C.J. Grisham is turning into a gun rights Kardashian, and can’t seem to to help from thrusting himself into the spotlight.

Perhaps best known nationwide for his AR-15 open carry case in Temple, TX that ended in a hung jury (a retrial is pending), he was recently arrested for carrying a blackpowder revolver at the Texas State Capitol during a protest in what appears on the surface to be an illegal arrest. Open Carry Texas claims that under Texas law, it is not illegal to carry antique firearms in public. Texas State troopers obviously have a different opinion.

Grisham and Open Carry Texas were back at the Capitol again yesterday to protest, and this time he was arrested while carrying a toy gun.

Two gun advocates were arrested at the Capitol during a Veterans Day ceremony.

The president of open carry Texas, C.J. Grisham, was taken into custody while he was speaking on the north side of the capitol. While that was happening- on the south capitol steps a ceremony was underway to recognize veterans. The open carry group wants state lawmakers to make it legal to display a hand gun the same way it is currently legal to carry a long rifle out on the open.

Grisham’s arrest didn’t have anything to do with what he was carrying was in response to his previous trespassing arrest on Capitol grounds.

While Grisham and at least several other members of Open Carry Texas felt that having the protest at the same time as a Veterans Day ceremony on the other side of the Capitol was appropriate, some of the other veterans gathered for the Veterans Day event were displeased with the timing.

Another group of Open Carry Texas advocates generated a media firestorm over the weekend by open carrying outside a restaurant holding a small Moms Demand Action meeting. The head of Moms Demand Action has since compared the activists to the Taliban.