It never ceases to amaze me how little self-professed liberals know about firearms. Despite copious evidence to the contrary, they continue to suggest that a type of firearm, not the skill of the person operating it, is the single most dangerous element.

Self-righteous Wisconsin liberal “Citizen Dave” is just the latest example:

For the purposes of dispatching a deer and taking home some venison, the Remington 700 30.06 bolt action rifle is all I need. It wouldn’t work nearly as well for mass murder. And that’s my point. It’s all anyone needs for any legitimate purpose worth caring about. It’s the kind of gun that any self-respecting liberal Madisonian should own.

World War I British Army infantrymen, shooting bolt-action .303 Enfield rifles with much more muzzle energy and with greater range than today’s so-called “assault weapons,” were known for their ability to put 15 rounds on a target at 300 yards in a “mad minute,” with the record of 38 shots on target in one minute at 300 yards being set 99 years ago, in 1914. American riflemen, armed with M1903 Springfields and M1917 Enfields in the military caliber of .30-’06 of which “Citizen Dave” seemed to be so fond, were equally if not more proficient.

As for the specific mass murder potential of the “legitimate” Remington 700 bolt-action rifle that “Citizen Dave” will allow “self-respecting” liberals to own, we can only guess that he was unaware of the fact that Charles Whitman used a Remington 700 nearly identical to the one he purchased to kill 11 and wound 32 (that’s a total of 43 people shot) in the infamous University of Texas Bell Tower shootings, using to to make shots as far away as 500 yards.

A firearm is only a tool, to be used for good or ill by those who wield them. When only one group in a society wields them, bad things happen.

Reality is a harsh mistress.

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