When I last spoke with Kelly McMillian, he’d been pouring his heart and soul into McMillan Merchant Solutions (MMS) in order to create a credit card processing system for the gun industry, and he was in the process of selling the company’s expanding rifle business to an undisclosed buyer.

Strategic Armory Corps, LLC has come forward as that buyer.

Strategic Armory Corps announced it has acquired McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, LLC. McMillan is a premium manufacturer of best-of breed tactical and hunting rifles including the innovative Alias Rifle System.

The Alias is a bold new concept in rifle systems that allows for interchangeable components and a switch barrel design. The Alias is available in the CS5 concealable subsonic/supersonic sniper system, the STAR standard tactical application rifle and the Target model.

The McMillan Firearms acquisition will continue to expand Strategic Armory Corps’ focus on acquiring the product category leaders in premium firearms manufacturing. McMillan joins with ArmaLite, Surgeon Rifles, AWC Silencers, and AWC Ammo to provide a one-stop-shop approach to serving the needs of high end firearms enthusiasts, law enforcement, military and international users.

I’ll readily confess that I don’t know much about SAC, LLC, other than the fact that they are buying some of the most respected brands (Armalite, Surgeon Rifles, AWC, and now McMillan Rifles) in the industry.