Guns & Ammo is reporting that the National Football League is refusing to air a Super Bowl commercial emphasizing personal responsibility, family security, and fundamental rights. The 62-second ad features no firearms, and Daniel Defense was willing to swap out the company’s rifle logo at the end of the ad with an American flag.

Though the ad complies will all league rules and regulations, the league considers the ad to be too offensive to air.

Apparently, this is too offensive for the NFL.

I’d like to ask the NFL: which specific part of the ad is objectionable?

Is it the language?

Father: It’s been a long road getting here, and a lot has changed since I got back.

Now this is the center of my world, and my family’s safety is my highest priority.

I am responsible for their protection, and no one has the right to tell me how to defend them.

…so I’ve chosen the most effective tool for the job.

Announcer: Daniel Defense. Defending your nation. Defending your home.

I can find nothing objectionable in language of the father in the commercial, who echos the language of the Founding Fathers themselves. Nor is it objectionable to note than Daniel Defense manufactures products use by both the nation’s military and private citizens in home defense, unless the National Football League intends to ban all ads from various branches of the the United States military, and those of private security services and alarm companies.

There is nothing objectionable in the video imagery of a man coming home to hug his wife and child, unless the NFL finds it offensive that a Marine Corps veteran is successful, has a beautiful wife and baby, a recent model vehicle, and a nice home.

There is nothing objectionable in a message of personal responsibility and the defense of those whom we hold most dear… unless the NFL is repulsed by the idea of personal responsibility and defending our most basic human rights.

I know not what route others may take, but I can live a long and happy life without watching another National Football League game where spoiled millionaires play a game to make spoiled billionaires even more rich.

Super Bowl Sunday? It’s  just another great day to go to the range.