Citizen control advocates hoped that 2013 was going to be “their year” to ram draconian citizen control laws through the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. Those dreams have met with failure, saddening those that imagine themselves as your betters.

For gun control advocates, the smallest of accomplishments in 2013 may have to be enough.

A 10-year extension of the ban on plastic guns — not toys but high-powered firearms that can evade detection by metal detectors — is poised to clear Congress before the existing 25-year law expires on Dec. 9.

But even something that simple is full of obstacles and opposition.

Nearly a year after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary killed 20 children and six adults and long after a failed attempt to pass universal background checks for those who purchase firearms, any attempt to change gun laws remains a herculean task.

The victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacres were killed once by Adam Lanza, but have been continuously, ceaselessly abused by the citizen control lobby ever since, even against the wishes of  the victim’s families who refuse to be pawns and prefer to be armed.

Citizen control—the forced disarmament of good people—does not lead to a reduction in criminal violence. It never has.

It instead tends to lead to an increase in criminal violence (both with and without arms), as the resident of the victim cities of Chicago and Washington, D.C. can painfully attest. Those prone towards committing acts of criminal violence continue to commit acts of criminal violence in those populations where citizen disarmament is practiced, and the potential for government violence against those populations increases.

So it is now, and so it has always been.

Charles Schumer and Diane Feinstein will fail in their bid to expand the Undetectable Firearms Act. They and their allies in the House and White House are unlikely to make any headway on forcing expanding their citizen control schemes in 2014, either, for fears of losing control of the U.S. Senate and deepening their losses in the House of Representatives.

We are citizens, not subjects.

It’s a lesson they seem stubbornly determined not to learn.