Andrew Touhy is one of the more cerebral gun writers and trainers out there, and when he decides to put an idea to pixels, it is almost always worth reading.

Yesterday, he posted “An Open Letter to Anti-Gun Politicians, Activists, and Citizens,” which proposed that if  the various citizen control groups aren’t anti-gun bullies, really want to exercise “gun sense,” and are serious about “compromise,” then there are some areas in which they should be willing to to make rational amendments to federal guns laws.

He points out three very logical candidates for amendment.

  1. removing suppressors from the NFA registry
  2. creating 50-state concealed carry reciprocity with decent standards
  3. ending import restrictions on firearms otherwise legal in the United States

Now I know the knee-jerk reaction of some reading will be something along the lines of, “but the Second Amendment is my justification for all of these,” and that’s really cute… but also entirely irrelevant. All of these are restrictions are currently in place. You can whine about it, or try to do something about it.

Touhy makes a compelling argument for each of these three proposals that reasonable people will both intuitively and intellectually understand. In doing so, he  puts citizen controllers in the position of having to defend why they won’t agree to negotiate on the sort of “common sense gun laws” they so often claim to be working towards.

They want compromise? Fine. Let’s give them agenda items on which they must compromise on existing gun laws. If they refuse to compromise, it just more clearly shows that they are the extremists unwilling to make compromises, making it more likely we will win in the long run, with or without them.

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