Based upon his comments in the left-wing Daily Beast, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy knows very little about most of America.

As he walked the corridors of the Senate in his first year, Murphy said he found two kinds of Republicans. He told the story of one GOPer who he thought was sympathetic to his cause. They started meeting but kept running into roadblocks.

“Eventually, he opened up to me and just said, ‘Look, I have to be honest here. I didn’t come here to write any laws. I came here to tear down laws.’ Laws! So he has sympathy for the gun issues, but his mission is to tear down government, even when it comes to existing firearms laws,” Murphy said.

While this might come as a shock to a big government socialist like Murphy, most Americans think we have too much government, and would gladly do with less. This isn’t a Republican sentiment, but a simple acknowledge of the reality that government is big, slow, inefficient, and often dangerous. Only someone completely ignorant of human history would think otherwise.As government specifically applies to gun rights, cities that have more citizen control laws have far more crime. Murphy’s “solution” to failed gun laws in murder centers like Chicago, Washington, D.C., Oakland, and Detroit? More gun laws!

The gun control Darwinists are even worse, he said. These lawmakers are in thrall “to an industry that has to build up paranoia in order to convince a handful of survivalists and constitutionalists to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on guns because they have convinced people that there are going to be black helicopters descending on your house to steal your guns,” he said.

Murphy’s take on what he calls “gun control Darwinists” is ever more unhinged. Has he really convinced himself that 110 million American gun owners (and more every day) constitute ” a handful of  survivalists and constitutionalists?” Or is he part of the citizen control cult convinced that a “handful” of hyper-wealthy citizens are supporting an entire industry?

As for gun confiscation, perhaps Murphy simply hasn’t been in office long enough to know his U.S. Senate peers call for outlawing entire families of common firearms, or paid attention when his state of Connecticut made entire classes of firearms and common standard capacity magazines illegal. Or perhaps he’s simply, deeply, dishonest.

I hope that Murphy does convince his fellow anti-gun Democrats to try to push for more gun control laws.

After all, the 2014 Senaate mid-term elections are just around the corner.