We covered the incompetent attack  on the Second Amendment by U.S. Army LTC Robert Bateman posted in Esquire last week.

It tells you a lot about his competence as an academic that his greatest “fame” comes in the form of a cautionary tale published in a men’s magazine, not an academic journal. Put bluntly, this Robert Bateman is an intellectual lightweight.

What do you have to say for yourself, LTC?

Yeah, that’s what I thought you’d say.

My hunch is that LTC Bateman is hoping that his anti-gun screed will help him make the Colonel’s List for promotion in this very politicized military. Otherwise, he’ll be forced out of the military and have to find a job based on his intellectual prowess, in which case his family will starve.

The image above is pulled from Bateman’s Facebook page, where his provided biographical details match those from elsewhere around the web, and matches up with photos of Bateman from other military events.

Infowars, TeaParty.org, and many other sites (including for a brief time Friday night, I’m ashamed to admit, Bearing Arms) have misidentified another man by the name of Robert Bateman as the author of the Esquire piece.

This is not the Robert Bateman that penned the poisonous Esquire article.

This Colonel Robert Bateman, of Alliance Defense Marketing Associates LLC, is a former cop and Treasury Dept official who got his title volunteering his time in the NY Guard (a non-military support group), and has nothing at all to do with the author of the Esquire piece that so incompetently attacked the Second Amendment.

If you comes across an article attacking this innocent man, please ask the author to issue a retraction.