Back in November we got a sneak peak of the “Where We Stand” positioning statement of Armed Citizens United, a new Second Amendment advocacy group founded to take what I would call an originalist’s view of the Second Amendment, where “shall not be infringed” is taken as literally as possible.

ACU has now published their official “Where We Stand” page, and it is bound to give citizen control cultists (and even other ostensibly Second Amendment-supporting groups) an absolute fit if the group gets traction and grows.

Make sure you read the whole thing, but here are the high points (my paraphrasing):

  • constitutional carry
  • no gun free zones (including schools)
  • repeal the National Firearms Act
  • repeal the Hughes Amendment
  • 50-state concealed carry reciprocity
  • nation-wide “stand your ground” laws

I’ll admit to being a little confused on the constitutional carry/50-state reciprocity, as some interpretations of constitutional carry that I’ve read suggest that you should be able to carry a weapon openly or concealed at any time or place, rendering reciprocity a moot point.

There is also a section on federal NICS background checks that puzzles me a little bit, so I’ll copy it in full.

The federal government rarely, if ever, prosecutes felons for attempting to purchase firearms from gun stores who were stopped through the NICS background check system. The current background check system only serves to impede law abiding citizens from exercising their rights and wastes millions of tax payer dollars.

This sounds as if they want to do away with the NICS background check system entirely, right?

I’m also a little unsure on whether ACU’s goal is the repeal of all federal laws (which would make sense with “shall not be infringed”), or desires to undo state and local laws as well.

In short, I think they could benefit from a little more clarity, even as I admire them for their audaciousness.