Like many superstitious parents who think of themselves as educated, progressive, and evolved, Alicia Glover is actually a near-paranoid setting her children up for failure:

It mystifies Alicia that Americans continue to own guns when mass shootings occur several times a year.

And Alicia wasn’t convinced before of the need for a total ban on weapons in the U.S., the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, gave her certainty.

“Irrespective of constitutional rights, people have human rights,” she said, adding that children should be able to go to school without the threat of being murdered.

It wasn’t until she moved to Michigan that she got her first close look at a gun. Once, when Callum was a toddler, he cut his head open after taking a fall. The family called 911 and within minutes a sheriff’s deputy and paramedics arrived.

The deputy carried his service weapon on his hip when he entered her home, and it terrified Alicia.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off of it,” she said. “I thought it was going to fall out and go off. I didn’t want it in the house.”

That’s the only time a real firearm has been inside her home.

Alicia Glover is incredibly ignorant and paranoid of firearms, and it will affect her children’s future. Her sons Thomas and Callum are fascinated by the guns they find in popular entertainment, despite Glover’s zealous attempts to ban any and all access to any media source that might reference violence. While she can create a den of ignorance in her home, her sons will grow up and they will be exposed to a wider culture where there are firearms.

Whether they survive that interaction depends upon education, and in that area of their lives, Alicia is failing her sons miserably.