If I’m in possession of an antique, I’m going to do a little research before I give it away for next to nothing. Someone in Los Angeles wasn’t that smart.

stg44 LA

Yes, that appears to be an authentic, World War II-era Sturmgewehr 44, the first-generation assault rifle. It’s worth perhaps $30,000 according to an estimate of the worth of another StG44 collected in a similar buy-back in Connecticut last year, but the LAPD doesn’t appear to have the class the Hartford PD did.¬†Hartford allowed the rifle to be sold to collectors so that it could be preserved as the historical artifact that it is, and give the provider fair-market value.

The indication here?

The LAPD got away with near theft, and unless it is separated for special treatment, this historical artifact will likely be melted down into re-bar. For the children, or something.

Historically, gun buybacks are politically popular but cost thousands to teds of thousands of dollars and do nothing to reduce violent crime.