Gun registration laws exist for one reason: to identify all gun owners and firearms for future confiscation efforts. Once you register a firearm, you are giving away your rights to the government. Period. Any reasonably intelligent person knows this intuitively. As a result, less than 10-percent of citizens register their guns.

That won’t keep the Quisling media from doing everything in their power to lie about gun owners rushing out to get in compliance with a blatantly unconstitutional law, hoping to make it look like those who are failing to register are the minority, instead of the super-majority.

Here’s just one example of the anti-gun propaganda war being waged by local media and law enforcement in Connecticut:

There are only five more days until the new gun laws go into effect for our state, that means a dash to register assault weapons or high capacity magazines.

A long line of people stood outside of the Public Safety Building in Middletown all day Thursday to register firearms.

Specifically, anything the state considers an assault weapon or a high capacity magazine must be registered before Jan. 1, 2014.

“If they were trying to make them illegal, I’d have a real issue, but if they want to just know where they are, that’s fine with me,” said Charles Gillette, who was registering magazines.

“I understand why they’re doing it, but I don’t think it’s constitutional,” said Scott Boccio, who was registering guns.

The controversial law was created last year after 20 children and six adults lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14.

None of the people Eyewitness News spoke with thinks this is going to reduce gun violence. They believe it’s only hurting law abiding citizens.

Would you like to see the “long line of people” waiting to register their “assault weapons” and magazines?

The drama queen anchor insists that citizens “have no choice” but to comply with the blatantly unconstitutional law, and become the seventh person in that line to register their family defense rifles and standard capacity magazines.

Citizens do indeed have options, and giving gun-grabbing Governor Dannel P. Malloy nothing but a sneer is what citizens in Connecticut have obviously chosen to do.