Colorado state senator Ted Harvey’s son was on the Arapahoe HS debate team with the deranged young socialist that attempted a mass murder on campus several weeks ago, and his wife is a teacher. Harvey says that the incident is a wake-up call illustrating the need for teachers to carry concealed weapons.

“I don’t want my wife and kids to be sitting ducks,” Harvey told He said his own son was on the debate team with Pierson, who took his own life as the two staff members, including school resource officer James Englert, who was armed, and Rod Mauler, an unarmed school security guard and retired deputy, closed in on him.

Harvey has introduced a bill to allow school districts in Colorado to let teachers carry guns. He sponsored the bill prior to the shooting, but says that the tragedy cements the measure’s importance.

“It validated why I think an armed person in the school is a good thing,”  Harvey told

Most schools do not have armed resource officers, and the situation could have easily developed into the next Sandy Hook or Columbine if Deputy James Englert had not arrived and identified himself, prompting the shooter to abandon his plan to hit five target locations within the school with 125 shotgun shells he carried, and commit suicide just 80 seconds after starting his attack.

The obvious lesson to be learned from Arapahoe is the same lesson learned in Clackamas Mall just days before Sandy Hook, in New Life Church, and in many other incidents that the left-leaning media chooses to try to hide from the public. Armed citizens stop potential mass murders.

The deranged Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action, her only real supporter, Michael Bloomberg, and other gun control cultists can only offer shrieks for more citizen control, which is proven to cause more deaths, not fewer deaths.

Hoe many hundreds or thousands of more people must die before the institutionalized insanity of “gun free zones” is tossed on the ash heap of history? How many more teachers must die, defenseless before madmen, before these zealots come to grips with the fact with they would be far more effective defending their students with arms?

Good people with guns stop would-be mass murderers. You can either have those good people with guns stop the attack before a would-be mass shooter can fulfill his deranged fantasy, or you can wait for them to police up the bodies as Shannon Watts prescribes.

Choose wisely.