Moms Demand Action is protesting a federal judge’s decision that removed a blatantly unconstitutional ban on even the simple existence of licensed gun shops in the city of Chicago:

Moms Demand Action Deeply Disappointed in Federal Judge’s Decision Overturning Chicago’s Citywide Ban on Gun Dealerships


U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang has ruled that Chicago’s ordinance prohibiting licensed gun stores from operating in the city is unconstitutional. The court’s decision reportedly cited the city’s failure to prove that banning licensed gun dealers has a significant impact in reducing gun violence. The ruling would also decriminalize many private transfers of firearms between individuals inside city limits.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is shocked that in a densely populated city struggling to keep children safe from gunfire, the court has dealt a serious blow to public safety by essentially encouraging more citizens to arm themselves. We firmly believe that loosening gun legislation is a step in the wrong direction, and we echo the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, who ‘strongly disagrees’ with this ruling and said in a statement yesterday, “we need stronger gun safety laws, not increased access to firearms within the city.”

As the Examiner’s David Codrea notes:

What’s clear from the outrage and disappointment is, contrary to what the name of Bloomberg’s front group implies, it’s not just illegal guns that are being attacked. All guns, and the means to lawfully obtain them, are targets.

The group’stance against all firearms is hardly a surprise. In November, the group’s founder defined the term “assault weapon” in such a way as to include almost every modern cartridge-firing firearm of the past 140+ years.

Moms Demand isn’t about stopping criminals from having firearms, but instead seems focused on the complete prohibition of all firearms for American citizens.


That’s just another outdated concept.