Precisely where they are in the government (local, state, or federal), or where they are in the nation, it doesn’t seem to matter. Legislators have it in their heads that their job is to pass laws. Lots of laws. Laws that they don’t even read before passing. They seem to feel that the more laws they pass, then the better they are doing their jobs.

But passing laws isn’t their job. It never was.

At an elemental level, the job of the legislator is to protect the natural rights of the tribe.

A legislator’s “tribe” is his constituency, the body of people he or she is elected to represent.

The fundamental job of a legislator is to make sure that the natural, inalienable rights of these constituents are protected above all else. As our Republic was violently born out of a fight against tyranny, our Founder’s Declaration was that these inalienable rights were “endowed by our Creator.” Most philosophers and statesmen (and believe it or not, there was once a time where some men were legitimately both) that believe in these inalienable, natural rights include the right to life and liberty as their highest and most fundamental elements. If people are denied the right to effectively protect their lives, then there can be no liberty.

Period. Full stop. End of story.

And yet every day, in every city and state and at the national level, what do our legislators do?

They write bills and attempt to pass laws and regulations that constrain our natural rights for often the most banal of reasons, hidden by the hackneyed falsehood that these infringements are “for public safety” or for “the greater good.”

And while Bearing Arms is obviously focused on just one small  (but very important) and necessary part of our natural rights (the moral defense of our lives and liberty), all of our natural rights are under constant assault by legislators attempting to forge a new covenant based upon ethereal legal rights that are illusionary, transient, and easily destroyed with the arc of a pen’s strike.