Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Posted at 10:35 am on January 13, 2014 by Bob Owens

We’re getting through our whiplash jetlag—bouncing through turbulence across Arizona and New Mexico at 30,000 feet wasn’t quite as fun as you might think—and are gearing up for A) breakfast, B) Media Day at the Range. Unlike the video shot last year (above), the weather is supposed to be very nice today, and conducive to shooting and talking with factory reps about their new toys.

We’re new to SHOT Show and Media Day at the range, but it is supposed to be huge, and among all the new guns and gear we hope to get some range time with, we also have some scheduled trigger time with this…

…the new TrackingPoint AR-based rifle.

I’m looking forward to some trigger time.

Now about that coffee…