I missed seeing the introduction of the Ambush Tactical .416 Hushpuppy at SHOT Show 2014, but the Firearm Blog didn’t, and they’ve done a write up on this interesting new niche cartridge.

According to the Ambush Tactical web site, ” We wanted a cartridge that hits like a shotgun but has the ranging abilities of a rifle out of an AR15 platform.”

The cartridge is an interesting-looking little beast.

It will throw a long 450-grain bullet at low velocities, with the intention of the bullet yawing on impact to create a massive wound cavity and dumping its energy within the target. It looks like it will be an interesting way to take down thin-skinned big game at short range, particularly hogs and deer in thick brush, though I’m not sure how well it would penetrate on larger game, such as bear.

The ballistics gelatin tests on this cartridge should be very interesting.