The guys at Gear Whores Anonymous dropped the high-resolution image on their Facebook page showing a pair of Maryland State Troopers who got tasked with guarding Starbucks in the wake of Saturday’s mall shooting. They claim the two cops as their own (gear whores), and the photo makes a pretty decent case for the claim.

I suspect that with the amount of gear these guys strapped on, they weren’t first-responding first responders.

The officer on the left is the more interesting one, as he’s not only got a AR-15 in his hands, and a pistol-gripped shotgun hanging from his side, but a pistol buried somewhere in the pile as evidenced by the pistol magazines peaking out from under his arm.

He’s so bloated by gear that he looks like the Jolly Old Elf himself, which works, since the dump pouch he’s carrying is large enough to carry toys for all the good little girls and boys.

At least he’s got a roll of duct tape to hold everything together if he starts to unravel.

I’m just picking on him out of love, of course. He’s wearing a “Molon Labe”patch front and center on his armor, so we know he’s on our side.

After all, Maryland cops love law-abiding gun owners, and treat us with nothing but respect.