Connecticut’s gun-control-obsessed Democrats wasted no time in twisting the Sandy Hook tragedy to their political advantage, using Adam Lanza’s rampage to ram through gun laws and registration schemes that many residents have chosen to ignore. Delighting in their opportunity to attack the Second Amendment, the state’s citizen control cultists failed to pay more than lip service to the shattered mental health system that failed Adam Lanza and his first murder victim, his mother Nancy.

Governor Dannel Malloy can add now breast cancer survivor Margaret Rohner to the list of those who have died while his administration has all but ignored the dangerously mentally ill:

Margaret Rohner worried about her troubled adult son not taking his psychiatric medications and had been trying to find him proper care in the years leading up to her horrifying murder at his hands.

The 45-year-old Rohner was viciously attacked Dec 26 with a fireplace poker and knife, her torso butchered and her intestines pulled out by son Robert O. Rankin, who was charged with murder after police said he confessed to the killing.

It was a tragic end for a woman who had spent years trying to find appropriate care for her son she called Bobby, a person she desperately wanted to help after doctors took him off medication prescribed to treat schizophrenia.

Connecticut’s anti-gun Democrats wasted no time ramming through gun control laws, but are still plodding along with “recommendations” from task forces about doing, “something.”

Good job, cultists. You’ve added another body to the pile.