If you can’t read the text at the bottom of the photo of this sad, small gun control event at Staples, it reads:

Moms visited the Madison, TN, Staples today, to ask their corporate office to go gun-free nation-wide. The manager told us she carries at all times. Just so you know.

Not just rejected, but told in no uncertain terms by the manager that she carries a concealed weapon at all times. That had to hurt. The brilliant comebacks from the other unhinged Moms in the comments speak for themselves.

Sharon Walker Looks like some people want to take us back to the wild west days. Not me, and I won’t be subjecting myself to whatever might happen in that store when the manager (who likely has no law enforcement training) decides to shoot first and ask questions later.

Marie Delus Great photos ladies. Let’s hope that she obtained the guns legally; she has a gun-safe to keep the guns away from her children (if applicable) or other children who visit her home. She never get affect by gun violence and doesn’t mistakenly shot a customer.

Marie Delus, by the way, works at the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York, so her rabid ignorance of firearms is to be expected.

I’m just happy a customer agreed to snap the photo so they could get all the attendees in front of the camera.