Historically, gun control and confiscation has always been couched in terms of “public safety.”

21st Century citizen controllers have updated the theme mildly, using the phrases “gun sense,” “common sense gun control,” and other touchy-feely terms. They seem to primarily be targeting women as their audience (hence, the public-facing “leadership” of Moms Demand Action), and that also appears to be the focus of the latest ABC News push as well, attempting to scare women with families. Perhaps this is part of a plan to undermine the tremendous growth of women in the shooting sports (good luck with that).

We noted yesterday ABC News has a direct familial relationship with the White House, and that they are recycling a story from 1999 involving kids and guns, and that they’re pushing it for all it’s worth. It is apparently part of this same “child safety” angle to citizen control.

They are now using that fear-mongering story to suggest that their viewers find out who in their neighborhood has guns.

Parents who own guns and keep them in their home may take every measure to lock them up or teach children about gun safety. Whether or not parents keep guns at home, their children may encounter guns elsewhere, where parents might not be able to ensure their safety.

“If the parents themselves don’t own guns, the children are going to have friends whose parents own guns,” Marjorie Sanfilippo, a pediatric psychologist at Eckerd College, told ABC News. “I think the parents are going to be very surprised to see which of their friends actually own guns. It’s not something that parents talk about with one another.”

Having a dialogue with other parents or neighbors about whether or not they keep guns in their home can be beneficial to a parent, but parents may feel awkward or uncomfortable bringing up the subject.

Sanfilippo, whose youngest son is 14 years old, offered her advice to parents on how to respectfully ask other adults if they keep guns in their home.

In a nation where our government spies on phone calls, our maps, and even our games, it isn’t all that surprising that a propaganda outlet this close to the White House is attempting to enlist their viewers find out who has guns.

The question left hanging by the article, is of course, to what end?